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News Release July 18, 2018

4Front Announces New Additions To Lead Brand Development

To solidify its role as a leading retail and brand development company in the cannabis industry, 4Front has enlisted two experienced marketing and branding professionals. Richard Degnan and Karin Myint join 4Front's leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Creative Officer, respectively.

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Forbes Column July 11, 2018

Why President Trump Is Positioned To Be Marijuana's Great Savior & How The Democrats Blew It

Will Trump embrace marijuana legalization ahead of the 2020 election to capture millennial voters and pull the rug out from under the Democrats, who should have owned this issue long ago? Kris Krane, 4Front's co-founder and president, thinks so.

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News Release June 28, 2018

4Front Raises $13.4M in Series D Round and Adds to Board of Directors

In addition to raising an additional $13.4 million to fuel its aggressive expansion plans, 4Front has also added Tom Flow, the former co-founder of MedReleaf and current founder and CEO of Flowr, to its board.

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Forbes Column June 13, 2018

Lack Of Cannabis Banking Hurts Average Small Business Owners, While Wealthy Entrepreneurs Flourish

Most people think cash stacking up in vaults is the biggest problem caused by the cannabis industry's lack of access to banking services. But 4Front's Kris Krane argues that it has much more far-reaching implications that should be considered. In reality, banking restrictions effectively block nearly everyone but the wealthy and well-connected from benefitting from what is the fastest growing industry in the country.

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News Release June 12, 2018

4Front Opens Mission™ Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Allentown, Pennsylvania

4Front's in-house brand for retail dispensaries, Mission, is officially becoming multi-state, with the opening today (June 12) of its dispensary in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The new Allentown dispensary is 2,600 sq. ft. and one of only 25 locations permitted so far to sell medical cannabis in a state of 12.8 million people.

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News Release June 5, 2018

4Front's Kris Krane Elected to Third Term on the National Cannabis Industry Association Board of Directors

Kris has served on the NCIA board since being elected to his first two-year term in 2014. The NCIA is the cannabis industry's largest and most influential trade association, representing the interests of its more than 1,500 members.

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Forbes Column June 1, 2018

Looking For Big Returns In The Cannabis Market? Look East, Not West.

4Front’s Kris Krane argues in his Forbes column that while the West Coast may get most of the cannabis headlines, it's likely going to be East Coast cannabis businesses that will emerge with the best long-term positioning and highest company valuations.

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Forbes Column May 16, 2018

Big Opportunities In Europe's Cannabis Market Come With Big Risks

In his Forbes column, 4Front’s Kris Krane explores the opportunities, and challenges, in an expanded European cannabis market. "Earning market share will not be for the faint of heart or, sadly, the shallow-pocketed," he writes.

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Forbes Column April 25, 2018

Cannabis Cultivation Will Be A Race To The Bottom

4Front’s Kris Krane argues in his Forbes column that

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In The News March 8, 2018

4Front’s Kris Krane quoted in Boston Globe

Krane weighs in on Massachusetts’ controversial new rules governing lighting at cannabis cultivation facilities

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