Our Values

From the beginning, 4Front has aspired to be a different kind of cannabis company. A company free from the hype and driven by more than profit.

What Drives Us Our Team

What Drives Us

Some call us capitalists with a cause.
Others call it doing well by doing good.

While many of our competitors have financial gain as their sole pursuit, the carrot we pursue is more complex.

Our team members care deeply about the promise of medical cannabis and we are putting conscious capital to work in order to create an inclusive and accountable industry that provides for the health and wellness of our patients, supports the communities where we do business, and creates respectable jobs.

In order to stay true to this mission, each decision we make is informed by our guiding principles of integrity, compassion, and accountability.


We work with integrity in order to elevate the medical cannabis industry in the eyes of regulators and the general public. We work with integrity to provide real value to our partners and foster a collaborative relationship with regulators.


Everything we do ultimately stems from compassion for patients—both those who use cannabis to ease their pain and improve their quality of life and those who are unable to take advantage of cannabis’ therapeutic qualities, either because of laws or social stigma.


We believe nothing worth doing should be done without accountability. Our efforts to build a medical cannabis industry based on professionalism and unassailable business practices would be moot if we didn’t hold ourselves accountable.