Shifting the focus from THC to “whole-plant” benefits, we’re developing our cannabis products to be their purest and most potent, for the best possible results.

Innovation, and people, drive our product development. Where ultra-refined cannabis was once considered the gold standard, recent research has shown that whole-plant, broad-spectrum extraction — meaning the product contains more of the components of the original plant — can yield even greater results, giving people a more powerful, positive therapeutic experience.


Our first product brand, rØØ7 (rüt), has that spirit of innovation in its DNA, dedicating itself to expanding the possibilities for cannabis with whole-plant products. Sustainably cultivated and lab-tested for quality, rØØ7 is held to the most rigorous standards in the industry — our own. And by further expanding product profiles, we’ve come closer to tailoring products to users’ individual needs.


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With our warm and inviting approach, Healthy Pharms uses tried and true techniques to create hand crafted cannabis products. From our Pharm Fresh Flower to our Weathervane Extracts, our skilled crew members maintain a steadfast comittment to continuously elevating our quality and variety. We invite you to join us down on the Pharm.